Blog Guidelines

Blogging is about reading, thinking, and responding.

For a blogger, getting a comment can be like receiving a  little bouquet in your mailbox: a treat for the senses.  We brainstormed, discussed,  and determined that the points below are important to keep in mind when commenting on our blogs.


  • No trolling
  • Make your comment worth reading.
  • Start a conversation.
  • Be positive, interested, and encouraging.
  • If you disagree, don’t be rude about it; give constructive (helpful) feedback.
  • Connect with the post. Keep your comment on topic and make sense. Say something about the original post.
  • Avoid texting shortcuts like u for you and l8r for later, and only use one emoticon if you need to.
  • Sometimes add a question at the end to keep the conversation going.
  • Re-read your comment before you hit submit–think before you send!
  • No “Hi! Visit my blog! Bye!” comments. Be thoughtful.

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