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Joris Wigger

Hallo – My name is Joris Wigger, I am 23 years of age and currently studying Internation Hotel Management in Thailand, where I am participating in the International Protocol and Diplomatic Studies – Minor in the Rangsit University of Bangkok.
Growing up in Germany and being raised by Dutch parents made me to the person I am today. One could say that I got the best out of both. Arguably, this is not completely true but I like talking myself into it. I love meeting interesting people and exploid new cultures. Sometimes the two go hand in hand, sometimes you just have to be more sensitive for what happens right around the corner. My greatest experiences so far has been a six week stay in South Africa, which brutally showed me how spoiled and close minded I had been the past sixteen years of my life. It made me realise the greatness and excitement of travelling and that there is always so much more to learn.

Benedikt de Wet 19112013-_DSC0081

My name is Benedikt de Wet studying International Hospitality Management at Stenden University of Applied Sciences.  Currently I am participating in the minor International Protocol and Diplomatic Studies (IPADS) in Bangkok, Thailand. Asia is for myself the next opportunity to understand the links between the different continents of our planet, after having spent 21 years of my life living on 2 different continents. Here in Thailand I seek to learn how countries make agreements with each other and how they try to find the best balance between their national as international interests throughout the world. Moreover, I hope to find a clear job perspective for myself after finishing this study successfully.

Christine W.Christine Wester

Christine is an International Business and Languages student in the Netherlands. Born in Germany, she started her professional career in the public governmental sector. After developing a high interest in global issues and having travelled and worked in different parts of the world, she decided to begin a study with a more international focus.

Her minor “International Protocol and Diplomacy Studies” matches her personality very well, as she describes herself as a liberal-minded person that is especially interested in relationships between cultures.

Her passion is horse-riding in which she gained many badges in different disciplines.

One of the people who shaped her world view the most is Nelson Mandela.


Song HanSong photo

I understand that the university study scenario is more static and simpler than the real workplace. My target is to build up practical experience at the workplace and fully integrate my knowledge into the real situations.

Starting at the bottom of the ladder, I understand that I will be required to learn new tasks quickly; however I enjoy dealing with people and truly believe in the ethos of outstanding international relations.

I am confident to handle any challenge for the tasks and would like to meet with every of you to discuss my credentials and your requirements.

Marvin GoslerGolser2

My name is Marvin Golser, I was born in Germany and I am 24 years old. After I graduated from school I went to New Zealand for Work&Travel where I developed my passion for travelling and foreign cultures. Later a year of being abroad I started to study International Logistics Management in the Netherlands. Furthermore I have done my internship after two years of study at Daimler AG. Afterwards I took my chance for studying abroad (International Protocol and Diplomatic Studies) in Thailand to amplify my international competencies.

Teun OonkProfile Foto

What am I going to talk about?

This blog will look at current political issues in the world and is for those of you who want know more about it. Because I’m currently residing in Rangsit Thailand the focus will be put on Asia, with an occasional item concerning other parts of the world. Please feel free to join the discussion!

About Me:

I’m currently a third year student at Stenden International Hospitality Management School following the Ipads Minor in Rangsit Thailand. As assignment for the module I am assigned the function of political analyst that will look into some of the pressing issues that concerns the world around us today.

Jan Boonstrajan boobstra

Jan Lodewijk Boonstra (23 years) gets enthusiastic about Asian Politics, especially on the topics of economics, environment and geopolitics. Jan Lodewijk is doing his major in Applied Business Administration. Next to this program he is also participating in the Honours Program of Stenden University, in which he is now writing his thesis on the correlation of money and happiness.

By participating in the IPAD program, he hopes to get more insight on the Asian markets and the law systems involved. Especially the collaboration of countries that are divided by Geopolitics does he experience as interesting. Besides this he is also interested in the Chess game and sports.

Albert Hahne BewerbungsfotoReady5


Dear Reader,

When you have come to this page to read my blog, you have made a great choice!

You may be interested in my background; I have spend one half year working in the construction business in Vancouver, BC  and then started taking on a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at Stenden University in the Netherlands. I am currently busy doing the International Protocol and Diplomacy Minor at RSU in Bangkok.

Owning my first broker account since 2012, I have only started to trade increasingly during the last half year when I was working for IBM Germany. I usually keep away from bank and technology stocks and am a big fan of resources. This blog will be covering Asian Stocks in a tough economical environment, but my guess for the upcoming year is easy: anti-cyclic, long-term investments!

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