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The Thailand-based International Relations (IR) and Community Based Tourism (CBT) minors encourage curious exploration in  current issues in the Asian region. In addition to classroom debates and student-led seminars, through this site, students from NHL Stenden’s Grand Tour are given the chance to enhance their public communication skills and knowledge of the region by writing about their personal explorations and defending their ideas under public scrutiny.

Researchers in their own right, our students,  are able to analyze key current issues through the lenses of IR/CBT and engage in discussion with their readers who can be anyone with a computer and an internet connection.

A few examples of this exploration can be seen in the extremely diverse content of the articles such as the problems of gender equality, environmental degradation and waste, animal abuse in tourism, human trafficking, the South China Sea conflict,  prostitution and drugs in Southeast Asia, sustainable tourism, …and many more! Many of these concepts are new to the students hence why often brings about fresh perspectives on the topics of discussion.

Readers are encouraged to engage in the comments section, ask questions and add alternative points of view for the benefit of the discussion and furthering everyone’s learning experience.

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