Human Rights Aren’t Always Women Rights

Human Rights Aren’t Always Women’s Rights!

Fifty percent of the human race are suffering, women accounting for more than eighty percent of those suffering.  Women are always on the receiving end of inequality and injustice, globally. Women suffer from ill health, judgement, prejudice and discrimination worldwide for many centuries. They are often given a trivial share of enrichment possibilities; they are denied Better jobs; educational opportunities; and acceptable health care services. For years women have remained policed to a subordinate status in their family and the society they find themselves in. Women are overshadowed by men, globally, on the basis of gender, sex and patriarchal interpretations.

A girl should be two things: who and what she wants to be. Coco Chanel

Ladies are commonly portrayed as the most persecuted people in the third world. Male centric society is just characterized as the standard of father. Male centric society is generally used to depict to male authority, to manage the relationship by which men control ladies, and especially to the plan through which ladies are kept substandard. Male centric society pressures ladies in all sides of life, from ladies’ procreative capacities, ladies’ ownership and control on assets and other budgetary assets grasping access to instruction and data applicable to engaging themselves.

Endeavours to empower and secure human rights built up the order of the 1945 Constitution, which must be acknowledged by the Administration and all members in Indonesia, together with the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Indonesian intervention in the turf of human rights at the universal discussion is completely committed to Indonesia’s countrywide advantages, builds Indonesia’s status as a just republic and shields human rights and adds to Indonesia’s overall endeavours to embrace and watch human rights.

Indonesia backed the UN Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) in 1984. CEDAW places gender rights as human rights and concentrates on eradicating all forms of partiality against women. In relation to economic rights, it involves equal pay for equal work, the entitlement to social security, paid maternity leave and paid leave with or equivalent social benefits and without loss of former service, position or social stipends.

Indonesia sponsored the UN Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) in 1984. CEDAW places sexual orientation rights as human rights and focuses on destroying all types of prejudice against ladies. In connection to monetary rights, it includes equivalent compensation for equivalent work, the qualification to government managed savings, paid maternity leave and paid leave with or identical social advantages and without loss of previous help, position or social stipends.

Indonesia’s commitment and authority in the multilateral gathering field is reflected in Indonesia’s dynamic cooperation as an UN part state in talking about the UN General Assembly’s human rights motivation, particularly in Committee III and at the Human Rights Council. This is unquestionably synergized with Indonesia’s dynamic job in different other multilateral gatherings that examine human rights issues, for example, ECOSOC, ESCAP and the UNSC, just as in different discussions, for example, GNB, 77 + China, OIC, ASEAN, ASEM, etc. One case of Indonesia’s dynamic job in Committee III is that Indonesia turned into the initiator and co-facilitator alongside the Philippines for the two-yearly goals on Violence against Women Migrant Workers since 2001.

Inside the system of ECOSOC, Indonesia additionally keeps on endeavouring to assume a functioning job in different talks on human rights issues, especially in the fields of monetary and social rights, both in useful commissions, for example, the Commission on Status of Women (CSW), Commission on Population and Development ( CPD), and the Commission on Social Development (CSocD), just as in different bodies and foundations under ECOSOC, for example, the United Nation Children’s Fund (UNICEF), the International Labour Organization (ILO) and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

Dear followers, above is a presentation of all the great Indonesia is endeavouring to accomplish with respect to engaging ladies in the nation. For most of it, Indonesia deserves a tap on the shoulder for their endeavours as ladies currently can accomplish and accomplish things which they couldn’t do in earlier years. Notwithstanding, in April of this current year and article distributed on OZIP guaranteed that numerous boards of trustees and shows later, it isn’t as blushing as it might appear.

The Indonesian government does “attempt”, for appearances, as they have built up lawful law tending to ladies’ privileges which in turns improves sex equity anyway it doesn’t really enable ladies. The show on the Elimination of All types of Discrimination Against Women and the Domestic Violence Law 23 of 2004 was marked by the Indonesian government. It has anyway been accounted for that there is no law set up which bans sexual orientation separation in enlisting and equivalent compensation in the working environment, repudiating or should I be more straightforward and state it damages the show the nation marked to dispense with such segregation. It is also reported that violence against women in Indonesia has been a lingering problem, violating their human rights once again.

Each lady is qualified to choose what is great and satisfactory for their bodies and so forth. As per the United Nations World Abortion Policy premature births are not permitted in Indonesia except if it influences the soundness of the ladies. Presently may I dare ask, shouldn’t something be said about the occasions where ladies fall pregnant because of a savage sexual wrongdoing? Would it be advisable for all her an undesirable, spontaneous, constrained pregnancy and youngster? Truly, the youngster knew nothing and is guiltless in such cases however shouldn’t something be said about the lady’s rational soundness, feelings and mental well-being? It ought to be the decision of any ladies out there to choose whether they need to keep a youngster independent of their religion, custom, nation laws and strategies and the expression of their companion. Envision keeping an offspring of an individual who explicitly disregarded, be left with his youngster and have him leave without any penalty?? Crazy!!

I’ll tell you what freedom is to me: no fear. – Nina Simone

In Indonesia, there is no criminal authorizations for the individuals who explicitly bug ladies. As of late a college understudy, partaking in necessary network administration, succumbed to such a wrongdoing. Agni’s, the understudy, case got a ton of open consideration, yet her case went poorly. This shows how inappropriate behaviour is as yet not treated as a wrongdoing where numerous Indonesian ladies are exploited consistently and shockingly in a formal institutional condition. Not exclusively does this occasion speak to how the Indonesian legitimate framework isn’t sex touchy, however it additionally shows how the instructive establishments are sex daze. This case has brought to consideration that it is generous to carry this enactment into the work, training, and open domains. Not in the case of Baiq Nuril Maknun.


It is true that Indonesia has high rates of violence against women, however, it’s difficult to know the realities of women’s experiences because in the past the data has been somewhat unreliable. This has been due to reasons such as a lack of reporting mechanisms available to survivors of violence and the fact that discussing sexual violence is a taboo, and if reported, can result in stigmatization which limits the number of survivors who have come forward.”

Each time a woman stands up for herself, without knowing it possibly, without claiming it, she stands up for all women. – Maya Angelou

Indonesia should walk the talk. The incredible endeavours towards protests, settlements of treaties and laws to go towards executing fair treatment of all should be settled upon, locally as well as globally. For ladies are the ones who uncovered the fate of tomorrow. As purported by the incomparable Maya Angelou, if all ladies were to stand together a more noteworthy outcomes will be accomplished, results beyond those planned by arrangements and shows. Countries should also commit to upholding the sustainable development goals, especially sustainable goal number five (5), which was established for the fair treatment of all citizens.

Interestingly enough, statistics show that one in every 3 women suffer from domestic violence. This statistic does not only apply globally as one out three women in Indonesia have fallen victim to domestic violence and sexual assault cases which not yielded any justice for the women violated. Awareness movements, global movements have not yet had positive results in this largely Muslim dominated country. Why is that? Stupid question right!  Well,  it is no secret that women in predominantly religious and  cultural settings find themselves severely oppressed at times. The criminalization of sexual harassment and sexual assault act should be universally declared. No religion or culture should be given the opportunity to violate women for the sake up their beliefs. Fortunately  for  women  in  Indonesia, help  is  available,  should they  want  it.READ THIS!  #MeToo has skipped Indonesia — here’s why.


If you, as a woman, were to find yourself in a position as those females in Indonesia. What would your plan of action, towards being treated equally,  be?…1.2..4.497.4762.0j13j3j5j1……0….1..gws-wiz…..10..0i71j35i362i39j0i10i3j0i67j0i20i263.MpNuVm7Uh24#

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