Equal human rights in Asia…? Let’s consider that!

Equal human rights in Asia…? Let’s consider that!

Since studying an international education, many different cultures come across and influence the perception of a certain culture and state. Not only by experiencing the different cultures in school group work, but especially visiting foreign countries therefor determines adapting yourself to a certain culture. Learning to now various cultures and current situations of a state is increasing the global awareness you are holding.
This blog will be focused on the Asian gender equity, where exclusively Thailand will be discussed and your knowledge could be expanded about human trafficking in Thailand.

Where is Thailand now?

The state Thailand itself is common known as a country where discrimination and mistreat towards women occurs a lot. The mistreat towards women could be referred to the sex trafficking and violence, which even got part of the culture somehow. When only living in Bangkok for four weeks, I already experienced it myself at many touristic spots in Thailand. For example by walking through Khoa San Road where lots of ‘Ping-Pong shows’ are offered within even five minutes walking there during the day. Another experienced example is the nightlife of Hua Hin where the crowd is overloading with elderly men hitting on younger local Thai women.

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The concern

The two given examples took place at really touristic spots, but it also happened at non-touristic places all over Thailand. Therefor the sex trafficking concern is related to many Thai women, but can also be associated with Thai ‘girls’ since even children are forced to work in the prostitution.
Evacuating the street view of Thailand it could be observed that lots of children are selling roses and are roaming around on the streets till late at night. This is already creating a certain view of the division of human rights, which even become worse after finding out that woman and girls in Asia, and especially Thailand, can be found in the prostitution and are obliged to join the sex tourism. While this is a huge international problem it is still increasing and continuing, where the victims for example where estimated with an amount of 80.000 woman of which 24.000 are among the age of eighteen. However, since the sex trafficking is illegal the amount evaluated is very likely to be even more. There are even women who are carrying false identity documents to be untraceable for anyone.

The history

The origin of the sex trafficking already started from the point when Thailand actually became a country when no equal human rights existed. Therefor this kind of human trafficking reached its maximum during the Vietnam War between 1955 and 1975. In this twenty year of the War, lots of soldiers, who had a high status by then, came back to Thailand and requested women for their needs where many women therefor got involved in the sex trafficking of Thailand. Twenty years later after this maximum human trafficking, women are now accepted and equally seen with men, however the equalisation did not disappear eighter the discrimination or the human trafficking towards women.


Referring it back to the current situation, the increasing possibilities of technology and social media, the use to recruit women and girls is become more and more easier now a day. Therefor many contacts with other countries are easily made, whereas various Thai women got forced to even work in continent such as Western Europe, United States and Asian counties like Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Russia and South Korea. This could be seen as hard and challenging, because they will end up in a country with first of all a different language and culture. Therefor the women quickly have to adapt to that country to even communicate and having the opportunity to feel even confortable. Another result of being forced to work in the sex trafficking is the involved violence. When for example a so called ‘boss’ commends a Thai woman to fulfil certain orders what that particular Thai woman is not planning to do, could lead to serious violence or even rape.

The impact

Beside the named fact that Thai women are forced to work and choose themselves to work in the sex (or any other forced labour industry), got involved with horrible circumstances. Starting with the working hours that are approximately between ten and eighteen hours a day, where five to fifteen clients a day could be taken as an average and a day of is not guaranteed every week. Therefor fulfilling this job is so intense and a survival character is needed to manage these extreme circumstances. This is awful to notice; however to make it more realistic (and therefor unfortunately even worse) these are also physical consequences beside the intense mental miseries.
The physical consequences can be categorized as high health risks are causing a hazard for many women within the human trafficking, for example the diseases AIDS and HIV. In 1990 a research has been given that in most brothels already fifty to seventy present of the women are HIV-positive. Anyhow, we are living in 2016 where these diseases are currently more known, and the knowledge has been scattered that using condoms could prevent it. Because of the increased infected women and men by AIDS and HIV, more and more promotion has been completed which is proved by the research where the increased use of condoms in the sex industry is confirmed. Another study also show that already nearly ten million citizen avoid HIV transmission between 1990 and 2010 because of programs that grew the knowledge of the diseases. Moreover, a later research showed that the AIDS related deaths in general decreased more than its owns half within eight year also because of the gained knowledge. Of course there are more reasons to be affected with HIV, but regarding this type of human trafficking it unfortunately has to be mentioned.

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The other side

Next to the women who are forced to work in the sex trafficking there are also many other women who are deciding themselves to join the industry because of the practically quick earned money, where actually no further education is needed. Regarding this type of joining the industry their participation is voluntary where they decide themselves what they want to do and this makes them able to refuse requests if necessary.

However, it can be conclude that the human rights regarding to the women of Thailand still concerns the Thai culture, but has developed regarding to what it used to be. Anyway further development is necessary so victims could be prevented and reduced, not only due to violence but also with the diseases. With further knowledge and organized interventions the decline should persist and therefor develop.








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