Chinese High school students have stopped complaining, still worried

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I am so happy that every of my friend concerns me a lot, especially when I was study in Thailand. I felt so sorry for most of you that I do not have enough time to share the exited exploration of here.  To study in Thailand reminds me of the days when I was in my high school. It sounds like this a weird topic; however, if you look deep into the Chinese education system then this topic makes sense.

High school students in China are one of the special groups, because they face the university entrance exam known as Gao Kao.1 This group of student is one of the largest a group being pushed under pressure, at the same time, is also a group places on the parents’ highest expectations. Therefore, they have to study as hard as possible in terms of a higher score showing on the paper. In December 28th 2006, the youth and children research center of China claimed a report regarding different high school life in different country. This report brings a diversified background to understand the life of high school students in China. 2

According to the research, the majority of Chinese high school students considered they are in a happiness life.  The youth and children research center of China, deputy director Ms Sun said: “I think that the high school students in this generations feel happy, because the China’s development as well as education progress reform. “ Actually, China was opening up, so the high school students do benefits from the new era.  It likes they can stand on the shoulders of giants, and let them open expansion of the vision, as well as brings hope for their future.  0Most of the high school students are thinking in an active way.  Chinese high school students don’t think enough money leads to carefree life. This perhaps related to the background of their lives. China is developing rapidly currently, lots of opportunities are being provided, competition and challenge, such situation that makes their life full of hope for the future, and it also give them more confidence and hope. “China youth research center at the children’s institute Chang explains. 3

Furthermore, generally thinking of Chinese high school students is study hard is the top thing of their life. Health, feeling of love, leisure time, trip all of those words are automatically deleted by them, including me when I was in that age. Besides, the first wish of them is enter an ideal college which means it really has high requirements. The students who want to be enrolled in, they should pass 6 main courses at one time and each of the course requires approximately 20 hours per course per week. Incredible study load we had, however, I survived at that time.

In addition, another symptom behind is the high school students is they are lack of happiness when stay together with parents. The high school students’ parents rarely praise and less scold the child either. One reason is the communication between them is weak. The most Chinese parents are working for a whole day, only time for communication is either on lunch or on dinner. The rest of time is not allowed. Moreover, the communication style and contents is another reason.  The research found that Chinese parents and children talking more about study, while in Japan, the content of the parents and children chatting usually live, polite, friendship, etc, for instance.


Chinese parents nearly let their child to be independently. They are control the friends who they are make, to be honest they are control all of your personally life.

Complain and happy to see the future contains together is the overview of the high school students life.  When you are looking to the west, America for example, many American high school students are also very hard, almost the same as Chinese high school students. 4Wilson high school is located in Los Angeles middle class residential area. The residents those are including lawyers, doctors, etc. Middle class accounted for about 80% of the population of the United States.  They also have seven classes per day, and seven kinds of textbooks are being mandatory –read and it weights in total of 112 pounds, about 52 kg. In Los Angeles, California Wilson high school grade 12 IB students as an example, the bag containing: 20th century history textbooks, plus read two books: Mr Kissinger’s diplomatic history and contemporary history of Bergen, a professor of history at Yale university two books add up to more than 800 pages. 5 Literature textbooks, it is necessary to bring the intensive reading of more than 300 pages. Moreover they do have biology, physics, calculus textbooks and language textbooks, two novels in foreign language textbooks, philosophy and psychology etc. 6

Nevertheless is this education system between China and America displaying the same content? No, both of them have the same heavy load and if you take look at the leisure time of what are they doing the difference appear.

images (1)High school students in America

For instance, after 19 pm the Chinese students were starting to go over the study and doing homework. while the American students could arrange the time by themselves, such as gaming or party, etc. Normally, Chinese students were went to bed on 1 am next morning, and in America most of students were slept on 11 pm. The education system is pay more attention on math, science, and chemistry, students are forced to spend large amount of time answering the questions in paper. In fact, how many students are there to become a specialist scientist in the future? Even there is less number, but also have to spend a lot of energy to do so. It has nothing to do with cultivate the students’ potential competence. From another side, American students have less questions paper to do. They are focusing on concept that could broad your vision for the future. Besides, to compare with the high grade which is very important for Chinese students, the American is keen on extracurricular voluntary activities.

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The fact is Chinese students are stopping complaining the load in terms of they are understand the competition in the future; however, they need to be worried. This group of students does not have any experience of participant to any social activities. They are lack of practical ability to handle real life cases. How far they could be an independent person? The Chinese education system is not improving recently, the students couldn’t self-develop what they are doing is just sitting in the chair read and write. It seem like each of them grab lots of knowledge; while I would like to say, everything is on the surface and never be put into the pocket. Apparently, the education in China should be reformed. However, in short term, it seems not possible, due to the tradition education for over 40 years as well as the huge amount of students. I would like to suggest the authority to give some case studies or practical texts which could assist the student to understand or apply the theory to the real word.


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