The counter intuitive truth: Love is not the answer!

Happy Valentine’s Day! (Acrylic painting)

Heart in Pain

Love is the answer, and you know that for sure; Love is a flower, you´ve got to let it grow.

-John Lennon

The above mentioned quote is what John Lennon regarded as the solution, but was he right – Can love be regarded as the ultimate key, used to open the door to a utopia in which the world lives happy ever after without any conflicts, despair and frustration? In the following, a line of argumentation will be presented which clarifies why love is not the answer. The debaters were – in order of argument – Teun Oonk, Jan-Lodewijk Boonstra, Benedikt de Wet and Joris Wigger.

There are two major definitions of love. On the one hand the superficial and often wrongfully used term to describe altruism – affection for the people living in your society. On the other hand the profound tender, passionate emotion that one feels for another person and, if answered, mostly leads to sexual intercourse, reproduction and evolution.

The measurements that need to be taken in order to copulate could arguable be considered as rather enjoyable, but the outcome is what causes problems to the world. Overpopulation in, especially underdeveloped countries, has led to a total populace of around 7.2 billion. This figure has doubled since the seventies – thus highly alarming – even more so when looking at the amount of human beings that do not have sufficient access to food. UNICEF has found that 842 million people do not eat enough to be or remain healthy whereby love is the main cause of reproduction and therefore furthering the problem at hand.

Additionally, when a group of people starts loving the same thing, such as a religion or a state, problems are highly probably to occur.  History has proven that many nations and religious groups have fought for what they deemed to love so dearly. It fights to protect the things one loved. Simply put, if people start developing love for a particular topic, they often times are willing and passionate enough to fight for it with all means necessary. This extreme influence of love towards human behavior is dangerous and hardly preventable. One example being King Leonheart, who slaughtered thousands of innocent people just because he loved Jerusalem and his religion.

The saying “love is blind” does not stem from nothing. Love; due its impact on emotions, overrules the rationality of the brain which can lead to extraordinary deeds – either positive or negative. People kill, suicide, fight and destroy for love. Love buys rings that cannot be afforded and creates financial misfortunes over families because culture prescribes certain procedures display love. It is often argued that love is what brings forth good deeds like charity events. However, quite often, the problems that need to be solved are caused by love. Therefore, love is not the answer. It is reason for depression and frustration and does not solve the essence of the problems of our world today – but rather deepens them.

Clearly, there are some positive sides to love but the pain it causes is more profound. Since love results in sexual intercourse, it inevitably leads to an increase in population. Underdeveloped countries have reached the physical capacity to sustain the lives of even more people but still, more children are born out of love. Additionally, love for religion or state can lead to extreme aggressive tendencies for the sole purpose of protecting beliefs and ideologies which causes intrigues, wars and death. Lastly, love has a great influence on human behavior. It prevents rational thinking that often results in bad decision making; suicide, aggression and embarrassing love letters. Therefore, rather than love, we plead for respect, equality and acceptance. Being open towards your neighbor and the willingness to comprehend his behavior rather than judging it could change the world into something positive.

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