Love is the answer.

John Lennon, an advocate on the active promotion of love and not war, sang in his song entitled Mind Games that: “Love is the answer.” Does this accurately describe the world we live in today? In other words, is he correct? In our opinion he is correct by saying love is the answer.

For this debate our team is the affirmative team and consists of Song, Albert, Marvin and Christine and will now convince you and argue that love is the answer.

First speaker

If love is not the answer, why do people love to fight for their country or fight for their rights. Love is the answer, because you love your rights, you love your profits, you love your country.

Do you love your country? (1937-1945) Japan was aggressed to China. The belief of the Chinese solder is: “we love this country. “ We fight for rights, we fight for independence, and we fight for love. Why they were aggressed by another country? They love the profits. Love is the root. Do some of you have or had a girl friend? Do you love your girlfriend?

After the opening statement given by Song she started to explain our definition of what is love and what it is about. Love is a feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection, as for a parent, child, or friend sexual passion or desire.

“Love is the answer” has been chosen by many singers and lyricist over the years. (439,000,000 results in Google search engine 23rd of Feb). Regarding this topic we pick up John Lennon’s song. If love is the answer, what questions would be asked? Many have posed this question and have answered it is by saying it is the meaning of life. However, for a moment let us consider the meaning of love itself. Commonly believed explanation is that it is an emotion. Whereas, Love is Energy, is a motivation, and love is a foundation. Love can be generated, applied, increased, decreased, and stored.

Love is an energy which raises your feelings of well-being and emotional health so we can use certain Love Energized techniques to remain so. In other words, you can in a moment of time love yourself enough to want do that for yourself.

Love is the answer.

What is it that is making me nervous? You will find that it is does with lack of love- mostly self-love and we can take steps in that direction to increase our self-love and our self-confidence.

Loving yourself is the answer.

You may have an experience of get in trouble. You do need help or understanding.  Compassion and kindness go a long way. However, this is possible only if there are sufficient love energies within us.

Love is the answer.

Would you like to sustain a healthy relationship and can I be emotionally independent? While being in an interdependent relationship and in order to be so one has to love and forgive oneself first before love and forgiveness can be extended fully to others.

It might take some time to learn that through our own life’s lessons but ultimately we do have to learn through love.


Second speaker

“Giving is more joyous than receiving, not because it is a deprivation, but because
in the act of giving lies the expression of my aliveness.” — ERICH FROMM

Love is a distinct feeling of humanity. Sometimes we give up something or a part of ourselves in order to do good things – and no else thing on this planet does that. Sometimes, love is described as altruism, the deep urge to care for others. As sharing and altruism are, by nature and also according to our today’s societal standards, considered as noble, love can also make us feel better about ourselves. There are underlying reasons why committing kind acts of love make us happier: First of all, being generous boosts our self-image – it helps us feel useful and gives us a way to use our strengths and talents in a meaningful way. Furthermore does a kind approach to others promote a sense of connection and community – that is also considered to be one of the strongest factors for increased happiness. In consequence, love makes people share their possessions and their free time in order to help each other. Many people volunteer every year for NGO’s such as Oxfam, others donate on a monthly basis. Because of the human altruism and its inherent urge for love, Oxfam was able to help 2.3 million people in 7 countries after the 2007 Tsunami; it reached 1.2m people with aid during the Haiti earthquake 2010 and is now helping the over 2.4 million people that fled from Syria. Oxfam is generally active at supporting projects that improve people’s resilience to disasters reducing domestic violence all over the world.

Third speaker

Confirmed research by famous David Courtwright”: If men cannot marry socially disruptive behaviour is intensified. “

Robert Wright also stated that: “Unmarried men between 24 and 35 are as 3 times likely to murder another male as a married man at same age.” The scientist explains the behaviour of married man with the “pacifying effect” of marriage. This means single males for example are more likely taking risks, such as robbery to get the resources a woman likes. But why is that so?

llan Mazur stated that the Testosterone-levels are higher with unmarried men which leads to more aggressive behaviour.

The other way around it means that married men, living in a stable relationship, are less likely to commit crimes since their T-levels fall during a marriage. A reason for single men could be the unbalanced sex ratio (more men than women) which leads to many men who can´t marry. This results in a lot of problems.

The above mentioned analyses of scientists about aggressive behaviour indicate the existence of a consistent correlation between the sex ratio of males and their behaviour.


Final speaker

Love is the answer to international relations issues. As our speakers mentioned is there logical, historical and empirical evidence for our stance.

Love is a strong feeling towards each other and not – as mentioned by our opponents – limited to sexual affection. If you have an interest for other people and countries it is less likely that misunderstanding – the source of conflicts – occur.
Altruism, born out of love, makes people share. No country who gives and receives ever started a war.

We also showed that we do not come up with theories alone, we have evidence. People, who haven´t found love, commit crimes and social unrest. The answer is love.

We detected major flaws in our opponents’ arguments. The group limits love to sexual intercourse, but it is more. Sexual intercourse can take place without any love involved. What we are referring to is the love to your family, animals, activities, etc. that is the drive for our life.

An example was mentioned which backs our data as in that village mentioned by our opponents lived mainly men who caused unrest. Men, who can´t find a partner, have higher testosterone levels, which cause aggression. There is historical evidence that, when Portugal reached out to conquer the world, there was a high male surplus.

Married men have social ties and are responsible for their family. Their testosterone levels are low and that´s why they engage less in criminal behaviour or cause social unrest.

This debate is not about gender, this is an argument for love. Humans are social beings and if love is missing they seek satisfaction or a meaning in other things or try to pile up commodities to attract a mate.

We are looking for an answer to political issues. Love is the answer. The other group mentioned theories but could not come up with a solution themselves. We need to change something and therefore want to encourage people to spread love to make this world a better place.



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