Coffee in Paper Bags?

This is an example of a blog where you can add pictures, videos, and other media. The topic of this blog is Coffee. Just the other day, I found myself needing coffee. I went to a coffee stand nearby and ordered cold coffee. Interestingly, I found the that packaging was a paper bag!

Coffee Bag

Interesting Coffee!

[1. This video is from Youtube]


First, they filled a plastic bag with ice. Next they poured fresh coffee into it and sealed it with a rubber band. After, they out it in the paper bag and punctured the plastic bag with a special straw. Finally, they put the paper bag into a clear plastic bag. Now that’s what I call coffee on the go.

Is this sustainable? Probably not.[3.] Two plastic bags instead of one paper cup is not really ideal.

Did the coffee stay cold? Oh yes, it was good coffee.[2. link to a source]

BTW, Dustine Hoffman likes Italian Coffee: