The first words of a brand new journey

First of all I would like to introduce myself to make this blog way more personal, for you, the reader. If you look at the picture on the right, you see a young man

I am a 22 years old Dutch student who is currently in the fourth year of the study Leisure & Events Management that I follow at NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences located in Leeuwarden. For the first semester of this year, I decided to follow the minor Integrated digital marketing at NHL Stenden Thailand.

Why I chose the IDM minor

The World Wide Web, a platform with unlimited possibilities. In my opinion, the digital world is a place where the impossible can be made possible. It is a play paradise for creative people. And I love to play.

“Under the Khmer Rouge, more than 1.7 million Cambodians, roughly a quarter of the population, were killed by execution, torture and starvation between 1975 and 1979 before the regime was overthrown.” [1]

And of course we should not forget how many 220000 opportunities [2] it does provide for the world of business. To combine the digital world with the world of business throughout this semester is a great challenging way to develop certain skills and knowledge. And that’s what I want, to develop certain skills and knowledge, because I don’t have any yet.

View from Krabi bay, James bond islands


What do I aspire to achieve?


During this minor, I want to develop knowledge and skills to be able to create visually engaging digital products, for the purpose of marketing. I want to learn how to deal with the Adobe programs to bring the digital products to the next level, the professional level.

Until now I only have used Canva to create posts for social media, presentations, protototypes and so on. During my internship at NHL Stenden I had to make moodboards to show the target audience, and as you can guess it, I made this in Canva. During my internship at EMMY (a dutch musician) I had to make Facebook and Instagram-posts, and as you can guess it, I made this in Canva. If I look back at it, it looks okay, but not that good and professional. I want to improve this. I want to make the switch from amateur to professional.


Limestone Cave in Ao Nang


Working on a project for the Thai market excites me. I instantly recognised that Thailand is very different from the Netherlands when I first arrived. It felt like I had entered an entirely new universe. I’m particularly interested in learning more about how cultures differ in the business sector. How the communication is handled, how doing business is handled,  if its about people or money, and how the marketing employed here for the benefit of the company.



[1] Bangkok Post 

[2] Global Asia

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