Looking through the Russian glass


As an obvious thing, everybody knows what are the international relations. It is sort of special social relations that go beyond intra-social relations and territorial entities.

Today, my word-flow is going to be about a specific part of international relations, and exactly the cultural aspects will be taken as a main purpose of this blog.


I would like to start from the point, that my name is  Kristina. I am a Russian student coming from the Netherlands. I have travelled a lot around the world before make a final stop in the Netherlands. However, I am not going to talk about it. Currently, I am being an exchange student in Thailand, Bangkok city. As a guest of my blog page, you might have guessed, that as a person of a Russian nation I always experience those moments, like: “Vodka”, “Oh, here we go little Putin” and other relevant narrow-minded phrases.

Please, do not think that I mind, not at all- I lOVE IT. However, I would love to make a little clarification about things, that” everybody want to know- but always afraid to ask.”


As you may assume, part of international relations goes deeply into the understanding the behaviour of world leaders and other political figures. Well, here we go- I would like to compare 2 the most interesting persons, which currently ruling well-known countries, whereas one with the greatest influence on the world by economic factors and another one with Vodka.

By starting the comparison between two presidents it is clear, that there is a huge difference in beginning of their political career. Vladimir Putin has begun his career in the world of espionage during the Cold War. He was a Soviet intelligence agent in the GDR, when the Soviet Union and the entire communist bloc collapsed. After that he took over in FSB department, and only after that became the President of Russian Federation. He used to always stay in a shadow, while Trump was born in a family, that could give him a solid start. He has started the real estate business, following the steps of this father, obviously, not without his investment. Extremely fast he reached high status among other real estates by holding premium class hotels and other entertainment complexes.

These two have manages to maintain reasonable relationship in order to make “America or, perhaps, Russia great again”?