American or Not – Trump Effect Won’t Leave You Untouched


I am a girl from the small islands nation of Maldives.  Islands spread across the Indian Ocean as a pearl necklace. Well known for its gorgeous beaches and crystal clear water unlike no other. Five months back I took on the journey of trying to understand something I despised. Politics.

Studying International Relations has changed my view point about global issues, made me aware and intrigued about decisions made by world leaders, and think about individual actions.

The year 2016 was a delightful present to all international relations students. With so many news which covered the headlines such passing away of Fidel Castro, the hottest year ever recorded in the history of the world, pre-elections of United States and of course, new words like ‘Bigly’ to United States having a new President.

If you have been following the news or even the memes on social media, you would have caught on with what is happening around the world. Who was linked to many of these memes one way or the other? None other than the 45th President of the United States Mr. Donald Trump or as some people refer to him as Mr. Donald duck Trump. You thought the duck was referred to the famous Disney cartoon Donald Duck? No, not in this case. It refers to the literal term of duck, as in duck your head, ‘duck’. Why exactly are these people being such haters?

Hater going to hate

Hater going to hate Source: QuotesMeme

Before Candidacy

US current President first became known to most people from the Game-Show ‘The Apprentice’. The show started airing in the year 2004, where Mr. Trump is a game host. Did he do a good job? The show has been running for 12 years and more, however the ratings have been dropping and per IMDb, their current rating is a 5.3. Not too bad, I guess.

Since the year 2015, Mr. Trump has focus has shifted from the show he created and hosted. He says he will not continue in the reality television show, as he got a country to run and a world to destroy. I mean, a world to deliver to.


When the famous reality TV star, the famous businessman, the famous hair said he was going to run for President in the year 2016, people scoffed. After all he is well known for hoaxes. No, we are not talking about Climate Change which is very much real unless you are one of those people like the man himself. We are talking about him running for President. The time line of Mr. Trump running for president, or saying he will run for president is like watching a game of tug war. Just with one self.

Mr. Trump's almost candidacies

Mr. Trump’s almost candidacies

That tug war ended in the year 2015, however that was the year the world got divided into two main sides. To see where you fit in, let me ask you a quick question.

What do you see when you look into our first world leader Mr. Donald Trump’s eyes?

Yes, you did read the question right.

A. The back of his head, A black hole, or emptiness
B. A man of compassion, A human right activist, or an environment ambassador

If your answer to the question is A. Congratulations you are part of the world that have common sense and are generally concerned about the world and humanity. If you answered B, dear reader. I have no words for you. However, let me take you through the highlights of Mr. Trump’s Campaign.

  1. Fight against illegal immigration by building a wall, return undocumented immigrants to their country of origin, Increase the number of Immigration and custom officers
  2. Calling Climate Change a hoax
  3. Mocking disabled at one of his talk
  4. Resist trade agreements such as the ‘Trans-Pacific Partnership’
  5. Defying diversity and inclusion because that is not what makes America great

Elected and Inaugurated

Mr. Trump signing a bunch of executive orders

Mr. Trump signing a bunch of executive orders Source: Karl-Ludwig Poggemann

Those were five highlights mentioned among many more. This did not stop the voters from electing him as the 45th President of United States. Fear resided among the category A group, not without reason. Hate activities increased tremendously in America. However, something else was happening too. Throughout the world, people were calling and some even mocking for electing a President who would take America 8 years back if not more.

There was a small percentage who decided to have faith, faith so difficult to have but the last standing straw where Mr. Trump concerns. Which was to believe though he said a lot of things he won’t act upon them once he got into office. That he just might think about the bigger picture. He was quick to blow that last straw within the first few hours of being inaugurated. Some of the one which stood out, actions taken to make America great again, while trumping the rest of the world include,

Women’s health and rights: Mr. Trump prohibited US Aid in working with any charity abroad which offers abortion or contraceptive service. There will be people who say abortion is bad, killing of innocent life is truly not good. However, this policy Mr. Trump just put into place would mean it would affect funding for HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment, domestic violence programs and several tropical diseases to name a few.

Environment: It is no secret the current president of US does not believe climate change is  real despite the overwhelming amount of information and evidence. Thus, getting into the oval office Mr. Trump has ordered the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) to suspend all grants which funds education, research, and pollution eradication. To top this both EPA and Department of Agriculture has been restricted from sharing information with anyone outside their office and discussions and finding must not be shared with any news medias until further notice. Though everyone hope it is really a temporary thing, with Mr. Trump in the picture it is hard to believe so.

Economy: Despite the unpopularity on withdrawing from the ‘Trans-Pacific Partnership’ (TPP) trade deal Mr. Trump signed a notice stating just that. Mr. Trump arguments on this was, the trade permitted US jobs to be flown abroad. While the truth is millions of US jobs depend on these export deals.

Immigration: Again, within the few days of being in office, Mr. Trump suspended Syrian Refugees indefinitely, while pushing forward to build the wall and puts his stamp on getting all illegal, undocumented immigrants out by tightening the security.

What does this mean to Regions like Asia?

Yes, America is concerned about what this would mean to them. However, why is the rest of the world so concerned?

Let’s reflect on the decision with women’s health and rights. A lot of developing countries and under developed countries depend on US Aid to battle issues such as HIV/AID, tropical diseases such as Tuber Closis and Violence against women. With this prohibition, it is believed more than 21000 women’s life alone would be affected. The eradication of these issues, achieving sustainable development goals would become more difficult to those communities that were supported by US Aid.

Environment. There are some lost causes, such as where Mr. Trump and environmental issues concerns. It feels like another ‘Listen to me Linda’ case. No matter how hard you try you can never convince the person. If research and just stepping outside or even reading the news does not make you believe in climate change and if you will do everything in your power to stop those who believe in trying to save humanity by endless hours of research and information sharing. What can you possibly do. I personally worry. Our small island nation would suffer the consequences badly like other countries such as Thailand, Bangladesh and India Countries that face severe monsoon damages in the recent times.

Mr. Trump withdrawing from the ‘Trans-Pacific Partnership’ will make America economy vulnerable. A country which was using checks and balance to power their economy now would have to spend millions to get the same job done. It would also mean the countries which were exporting these goods and relying on America to help them improve their economy and individual financial crisis. This could lead to poor living standards, poeverty and lack of food to even more major issues to increased mortality rate. Shocked? Don’t be. That is the hard to believe reality.

Immigration. Mr. Trump, I personally at times wondered if you really think things through before you say them and act on it. You want to make America Great again. Fantastic. I wish Mr. Trump and his voters knew when they voted the policy of sending all undocumented immigrants back to their home country or not allowing them to America would make America great again. It won’t. The reason is simple, over the last couple of months from the stories shared by American’s show the roots of brilliant scientists was maybe from China or Vietnam, groundbreaking medical specialist from India or Syria or even people who fought in World War II were from Cambodia or Mexico. Yes, they all were immigrants. Those are the aspects which make the country, the country it is now. They seek your country, left their own simply because yours was better and they could support their families and provide for them. Now, you will be forcing them to come back. In this dark moment, I would like to say, maybe naively Mr. Trump is paving way to make the rest of the world great unless war or famine kills those amazing people when they return to their original states.

The Catastrophe

The world along with America has started the count down for when Mr. Donald Trump would leave office. Because they all believe they just might have chosen the wrong one and being silent is not an option. After all to quote Mr. Trump “If the right man doesn’t get into office, you’re going to see a catastrophe in this country in the next four years like you’re never going to believe, and then you will be begging for the right man.” Though it is hard to believe such a self-centered, arrogant, and ignorant man would take heed even if it millions against one.

For now, all that can be said and done is, let it be, even if you are from a small country or a big country. Developed or developing. Gay or straight. Muslim. Christian or Jews. Stand up and fight. Don’t think of just today. Don’t think of just yourself. Think of your neighbors. Think of your ancestors. This fight is for everyone. Because if we don’t fight the way Harry Potter and Crew fought against Professor Umbridge for the truth. The torture would be same as they suffered, maybe just greater. So, use your brains, lift your wands, and bring your magic out. They got rid of her and made Hogwarts great again. I believe you can make America and the world great again.

Stand up against Mr. Trump for the truth. Like Harry Potter stood against Professor Umbridge

Stand up  for the truth. Like Harry Potter stood against Professor Umbridge

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