Different World of different DaLai Lama

266782_12881986067TTbFigure1 Dalai chanting [1. http://www.backchina.com/blog/266782/article-91325.html#.UzRNL_QW22q]

It sounds like an old story around these three key words. When you read the news on February 2014 the most headline of newspaper were reported about Dalai Lama and Obama. I have selected a piece of news which can be regarded as background of this Blog. For instance, according to Reuters reported, Obama meets with Dalai Lama despite China warnings. This was the third time of their meeting in the White House but Obama held low-key talks with Dalai Lama in the map room. It is lack of significance than the prestigious Oval Office, where Obama meets visiting leaders normally. Therefore, based on this fact that shows Obama’s opinion he was just listening to a spiritual leader instead of meeting with a political leader of Tibet. In another word, Obama was not intervened domestic affairs of China; furthermore, he did not support Tibetan independence from China and he admitted that Tibet is part of China. Whereas, Chinese government was embarked on presentation of warning the White House stopped conferencing with Dalai Lama.  [2.


To be honest there is a gap of understanding this issue between Chinese and western people. A story of my friends reminds me of this “gap”. My friend let me call him Lee, he was working in an American company and his was always being asked about “Do you know Dalai Lama?” Or “Have you ever read Peace of Life (author is Dalai)?”  He responded with Yeah, perhaps, kind of… some answers like that. However, in American’s eyes they liked the Dalai and respected him.

This is not a black and white question. At least for me I cannot give a reply of who is right or who is wrong because I have never been to Tibet. The life of Tibetan is obtained by social media no matter Chinese newspaper or western publicans. From this point of view, it is difficult to put forward opinions objectively. Moreover, when I was typing Dalai Lama via Chinese internet search engine it was displayed negative news all the time. You never know but it make sense. 

There is a quite interesting finding on Google.com when I was entering Dalai Lama there are several results of positively and respect; such as, sage, wisdom, a person who is brave against unfair treat etc. Actually, no matter Dalai is right or wrong, for me is not that important. However, I would like to indicate my opinion from a Chinese viewpoint. I would like to highlight the vast difference in opinion on this polarizing figure.

First, Dalai is good at using philosophy of life and the religious idea. Because of that he was successfully promote himself to the western country. Recently, violence, terrorists is happening all over the world, Dalai stands for peace that connects to Western ideals.[3.


Second, he put his own political demands the religious undertones, as well as having friendly demeanor. Furthermore, Chinese government deal with this issue toughly that makes the western people even more sympathize with the Dalai Lama.

Moreover, the fact what I have seen from the media there was an incident of violence happened in Tibet 14th of March 2008. 1

auto_xinhua_3403082201016408767 A group of Tibetan mob burned stores, beating of innocent people, and destroyed the block etc. The Chinese government did not publish who is the big boss behind them. Who will be the head of conspiracy? Most of Chinese thought the Dalai Lama should be blamed for this incident. Or some of people thought because the Tibetan did not satisfied with Chinese government.

Finally, I would like to say Chinese government invested a large number of resources to there since the acquisition of Tibet. Before this, Tibetans were regarded as slaves and they have no right of education, even they couldn’t have the equality of life. The Tibetan can be sold and bought. But now, the Chinese government gave them identity of Chinese citizen and they do have rights for voting and being educated.


【5. http://media.people.com.cn/GB/16953297.html】Due to the bad nature conditions Chinese government invested a large amount of capital as well as technology to build Qinghai-Tibet railway. It appear that China is make an effort for development in the region. If Dalai still not satisfied perhaps he demands more recognition.

Sometimes it is useless to criticize who is doing wrong. The most important thing is keen on the life of citizens. If they are fully enjoy their well-being why you have to damage that just because of maintaining power and religious philosophy. The Dalai Lama has changed his opinion and calls for autonomy of Tibet. However, I believe that a united China will be a stronger country than one that is divided over religious beliefs. Last but not least, the Dalai Lama loves China however he dislike merely with the regime of China.


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