Coffee in Paper Bags?

This is an example of a blog where you can add pictures, videos, and other media. The topic of this blog is Coffee. Just the other day, I found myself needing coffee. I went to a coffee stand nearby and ordered cold coffee. Interestingly, I found the that packaging was a paper bag!

Coffee Bag

Interesting Coffee!



First, they filled a plastic bag with ice. Next they poured fresh coffee into it and sealed it with a rubber band. After, they out it in the paper bag and punctured the plastic bag with a special straw. Finally, they put the paper bag into a clear plastic bag. Now that’s what I call coffee on the go.

Is this sustainable? Probably not.2 Two plastic bags instead of one paper cup is not really ideal.

Did the coffee stay cold? Oh yes, it was good coffee.3

BTW, Dustine Hoffman likes Italian Coffee:





  1. This video is from Youtube
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